A Short Guide to Making Your Business Mobile-friendly

It’s been a while now since it became essential for businesses to have an online presence. Now, not only do they need to have a website, social media pages and online advertising, they need to think about mobile devices too. The majority of people now access the internet via their smartphone, tablet or another mobile device. And these gadgets have smaller screens than desktop and laptop computers, usually with touchscreens. People’s behavior differs when they use mobile devices, as well as the functionality of the gadgets themselves differing too. You need to set up your business for mobile using the techniques below.

Optimize Your Website

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your site is set up for mobile devices. This often involves using responsive web design. So visitors will see different pages depending on whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device. To make a website suitable for mobile use, it needs to have a clear and simple design that works on a smaller screen. It should be suitable for touchscreens so that people can easily click on links and fill in forms.


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Use Mobile Marketing

It’s not just your website that should be optimized for mobile but your marketing too. If you take a course like the Simplilearn mobile marketing course, you’ll learn the principles and practices. When you bid on PPC adverts, you need to aim for mobile ads. People using their mobile devices can access your site from them through advertising. Understanding mobile devices is a major factor in launching mobile campaigns to make the most out of your marketing.

Develop an App

As well as a website, you could also think about creating an app for your business. It’s a good way of giving your customers direct access to your services, rather than going to your website. It could be an online store, an app version of your blog or even a game that relates to your product or service.

Create Mobile-friendly Emails

If you send out marketing emails, you need to make sure they can view them on their mobile devices. Complicated HTML emails can be difficult to see on a small screen when you might end up needing to do a lot of scrolling. You can use services that give you templates optimized for mobile devices to make it easier.

Get on Social Media

People use their mobile devices to use their social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter and more. Make sure that you have pages on the primary channels to ensure that they’ll be able to see you when they’re using these networks. Use the advertising networks on these sites too.

Use Text Messaging

Not a lot of companies think about marketing through SMS. But it can be a useful method of targeting your customers to thank them or send out reminders. You can consider using texts to stay in touch with clients as another way to optimize your business for mobile.

It’s important to be able to bring in customers wherever they are, so making your company mobile-friendly is essential. Keep it in mind when you design your website and plan your marketing activities.

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