Startups: 6 Fantastic Hacks For Your New Office


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As a startup owner, you have to make a fantastic office for your workers. When you are designing the office space, you might not give much thought to how it looks. If your money is tight, you might spend a lot of time thinking about saving cash, and not much time thinking about what will work in the space. Here are six fantastic hacks for your new office.

1 – Use bold colors to suggest power

If you think that white will work, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, the best colors to use in a new office are bright and bold. If you use strong colors such as red, blue and green in your decor, you will find that people respond well to you as a boss and leader. If you use bland colors, it tells people that you are not too sure about your vision. That is not the right message to send out to people.

2 – Have an AC system in your meeting room

Many studies have shown that when people are too hot, they can’t think straight. A simple hack you can use to make people productive is to install an excellent AC system in your meeting room. Find a reliable air conditioning service in Austin TX so that you can keep the room cold all the time. When people come together in the room, they will need to spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas. If the room is fresh and breezy, it will help them to do just that.

3 – Tie cables away so that it is safe

If you have loads of devices in your office, you will also have millions of wires. Those wires are not safe as they could trip people up when they walk around the area. You need to tie the cables away so that nobody gets hurt. If people hurt themselves in your workplace, you are culpable. That means people could sue you. Tie your cables away so that you don’t have any issues with the law.

4 – Have a fish tank in your central office

If you want to create a calm atmosphere in your office, you ought to get a fish tank and some goldfish. Psychological studies suggest that fish and water help to make people feel relaxed. When people feel this way, they will find it easy to meet targets and achieve amazing things. Most startup offices are stressful places. Make your office stand out by keeping your staff calm. When people feel comfortable in their environment, they work well.

5 – Use dividers to separate people

If you have an open-plan space, you will find that people gossip and argue for most of the working day. That is not productive and means that nobody will ever get any work done. You should consider getting office dividers so that you can create separate cubicles for each of your staff. That way, people will have privacy while they work, and so they will find it simple to get on with things on a day to day basis. When people need to come together, they can do so in the meeting room.

6 – Hang some inspirational quotes on the wall

When you start a company, things will be hard. There will be times when your staff need you to motivate them and drive the team forward in the process. If you want a quick fix, you should consider hanging some inspirational quotes on the wall so that people can see them all day long. Whenever someone lacks inspiration, they can look up at the wall and read the quotes.

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