Hertz to introduce an annual fee of £ 3 per year for 24/7 rental service

Cancel your membership if you do not wish to pay the new annual membership fee

If you do not wish to pay the new fees, Hertz advises that you will have to cancel your membership by replying to the email you receive. For those he cannot contact because their email address has changed, for example, Hertz will automatically cancel their membership.

However, if you believe you are a member of the service but have not received an email, it is best to contact Hertz directly to ensure that you will not be affected by the new charges. You can email him to [email protected] or contact him through his online form.

You must give 14 days notice to cancel, which means you must do so at least 14 days before your membership renews to avoid fees. March (14 days before entry fees on April 1).

But don’t just rush to cancel because of the price increase – check to see if the service is still the cheapest for you overall. Some providers, such as Zip Car, offer similar car rental programs 24/7, but again, a fee may apply. Zip Car, for example, is free for members in London, but elsewhere in the UK you have to pay a membership fee (it’s Smart Plan is £ 6 / month, although you recoup the cost of your monthly credit membership).

Elsewhere, Europcar offers cheap car hire for £ 1 / day in the UK – although there is a problem as you have to drop the car off at a specific location – usually an airport.

What does Hertz say?

A spokesperson for Hertz said: “We are introducing extremely competitive nominal annual membership fees to ensure that we can continue to provide our customers with the high level of service and experience they expect from us. ”

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